K9 Design Certified in Canine Disobedience Roman's Value Proposition Roman is a very large, intensely friendly Newfoundland .  He was rescued out of Ohio, and graduated the top of his Civil Disobedience class. He started life with a Midwestern accent, but now speaks with a very thick and  decidedly Yankee brogue. While not a true therapy dog, Roman is Holly's professional and personal alter ego. He works with Art and Holly to ensure that all humans who enter the doors of Pearson Traditional Design are befriended and welcomed. A True Working Dog: Roman is a true working K9 with many duties. He is is the Chief Relationship Management Officer, here at Pearson Traditional Design, and is also the head of the reception and welcoming committee. Roman is deeply involved in the local business community. K9 Design:  Roman is the perfect cross between a contractor's dog and an architectural designing K9.  However, most of Roman's designs are related to figuring out how to relieve visitors of snackage and/or petting. A New England Sense of Style : While familiar with the Maine and New Hampshire architectural traditions, Roman believes that style is what is displayed by a Newfoundland when either shaking salt water from a thick coat after a swim, or displaying great extension as one dives from a dock or stone wall into the Ocean or Rangeley Lake. With a deft nudge of his large black nose, plates of potato salad or Boston baked beans are known to be swallowed neatly whole. Roman's own boyish style is buffed and puffed and traditionally Maine-tained  by Jess at Your Pet's Peeve. . Environmentally Conscious: Roman is active politically and supports the LEED philosophy, and hopes some day to be a LEED certified K9 professional. As a traditionally muddy pawed, bred for fishing and water rescue dog, Roman enthusiastically supports critical wetland habitats and shoreline conservation efforts.  While not very green, (dogs don't see in color)  Roman does enjoy keeping physically fit by bounding around at Fort Foster, The York Maine Light House and the many other beaches in the area. Politics and Theology: Roman supports our nation's working K9s in both Search and Rescue efforts and our combat War Dogs. His theology can be simply stated as: "Remember!!! God is Dog spelled backwards! Woof!"  Roman is also  on the board of Newfie Fun Days in Eliot, Maine and is a committee member for The Newfoundland Club of New England . The Seacoast Vitality: Roman is very health conscious, and works out to maintain his fit and trim seacoast  lifestyle. His very K9 masculine je ne sais quoi  is maintained with the help of his many friends including Gerry Beekman  D.V.M.   who runs Coastal Cats Feline Health Care. (OK we agree to disagree about the political philosophy concerning cats) and Scott Moffatt D.V.M. at the Kittery Animal Hospital. Personal Tastes: Roman enjoys long car rides, intimate walks on the beach, quiet dinners at Anneke Jans Bistro , boating, intimate time with his many friends  at the Barking Dog and chasing chipmunks. Roman excels at promoting the K9 Point of View in both his business and personal life. Roman sends a big bark shout out to Cosmo and Morgan at Microcosm Computers and a Deep Newfie Woof! Woof! to all our friends and clients.