Pearson Traditional Design is a York Maine based Residential Design firm specializing in coastal homes, lake cottages, and mountain retreats.

About Pearson Traditional Design

Traditional Design for Lasting Impressions.

New homes, renovations, and additions are intuitively designed to compliment your lifestyle and provide thoughtful, creative, and personal solutions for each project. Designs are created in the spirit and tradition of New England architecture. Each design is developed with careful attention to the character and practicality of the project.

At Pearson Traditional Design our goal is to successfully balance cost, function, and the aesthetics of the design.

Holly Bowdoin

Principal Owner

Principal Owner: Holly is the owner and founder of Pearson Traditional Design. Holly has been involved with Pearson Traditional Design, formally Thane Pearson Design, for more than 20 years, and has been in the architectural design, construction and property development/ management fields for more than 25 years. Prior to working at Thane Pearson Design, Holly led both residential and commercial Property Development/ Management and Real Estate efforts in the Boston Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire corridor.




Director of Fun

Roman is a very large, intensely friendly Newfoundland . He was rescued out of Ohio, and graduated the top of his Civil Disobedience class. He started life with a Midwestern accent, but now speaks with a very thick and decidedly Yankee brogue.
While not a true therapy dog, Roman is Holly's professional and personal alter ego.


Art Feith

Art Feith

Design and CAD Specialist

Art is Continuity: Art's leadership at Pearson Traditional Design and Thane Pearson Design spans 18+ years. He is involved in all aspects of the creative, design and construction process. Art Feith is Pearson Traditional Designs' project manager. He builds rapport, and has earned the trust of both our clients and our design/build business partners. He has done so one relationship at a time.


Selecting materials that create beauty, can stand up to the elements, and are easy to maintain overtime are all-important in designing a great home or business. Special attention is given to energy-efficient design, aging in-place design and green design.

Our residential design offerings are linked to our commercial offerings by a holistic seaside community design philosophy. We seamlessly connect coastal residential living to local seaside recreational, shopping and dining venue experiences. Our commercial portfolio includes hospitality, store front venues, restaurants, office and medical buildings that are tastefully woven into the coastal business communities and corridors of Maine and New Hampshire. Our hotel, restaurants and professional building interiors are custom designed to match the desired style and venue experience.

Our recreation, entertainment and theater venues are some of the most exciting on the Seacoast. They include golf and tennis clubhouses, hotel pool spaces and theater space planning and updating.

We are the design partner in the teams that are re-envisioning, redesigning and redeveloping several very historical coastal Maine and New Hampshire beach towns and traditional New England town centers. We are comprehensively redesigning and upgrading the seaside life style in both coastal Maine and New Hampshire. Our designs strive to maintain the authentic historical ambiance and styling of these venues while modernizing and reinvigorating the business base. Our designs inspire vibrancy to the community where we create value not only for our clients, but also elevate the entire business community in which they are situated. We help communities revitalize and thrive while working with the natural environs rather than paving past it. Holistic community design, building by building, is our calling.

At Pearson Traditional Design we believe the greatest architectural designs stand a test of time that is measured across generations, and spans the lifetime of a community. We truly believe that the beauty and proportions found in Traditional Design and Style Elements long outlive passing trends.

We are: Traditional Design for Lasting Impressions.