• Colby Sawyer, Associates of Arts
  • University of New Hampshire, BS Life Sciences
  • Professional Member American Institute of Building Design, (AIBD) - North East Society
  • Board of Directors American Institute of Building Design, (AIBD) - North East Society
Holly's Value Proposition: Principal Owner: Holly is the owner and founder of Pearson Traditional Design. Holly has been involved with Pearson Traditional Design, formally Thane Pearson Design, for more than 20 years, and has been in the architectural design, construction and property development/ management fields for more than 25 years. Prior to working at Thane Pearson Design, Holly led both residential and commercial Property Development/ Management and Real Estate efforts in the Boston Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire corridor. Holly is a professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design, (AIBD). She is a Board of Director of the Northeast Society of AIBD and has represented the Northeast Society at their Annual National Convention. She co-sponsors an architectural design scholarship at Wentworth Institute of Technology in memory of her late husband Thane Pearson, the founder of Thane Pearson Design. Traditional Design Specialist: : Hollys' passion for the traditional design style elements, as they are found in New England , is both avocation and mindset. She has been privately pursuing, collecting and refining the best examples of traditional design elements for more than twenty years. Holly's encyclopedic knowledge of traditional design elements is practiced in a deep collaboration with our PTD architectural design team. This synergy of style and design excellence creates projects that are modern by appointment, and which hold the gravitas of a historically correct traditional design. Whether it is a mountain/lake retreat, Coastal Shingle Style Home or a traditional New England, Main Street building, Her designs are consciously expressed in the vernacular of the chosen architectural style within the community. Her designs are sensitive to balancing the architectural style and the projects natural settings. Holly works with her design team to site her projects holistically and profoundly within the natural spaces that define the communities in which she lives and works. Relationship Management: The complexities of the design process require moving projects through the many approval stages cohesively and concurrently . This process is all about "relationships" and being deeply rooted within the communities within which PTD works. The sum of the parts in the design process which include; vision, project management, design excellence, interior space planning, engineering, construction expertise, bank financing, town building codes, and shoreland/environmental regulations, all require knowledge of who is able to facilitate a project most effectively through this myriad of phases that each and every PTD project faces. Holly and her design team guide projects through the relationship terrain, by collaborating with and working synergistically within the various communities in which PTD operates. Holly ensures that each and every PTD project realizes its fullest potentials... Holly not only builds relationships... she is the liaison and conduit between our clients and all the "players" that make every project a successful project . ...RELATIONSHIPS: Holly makes it happen!