Art Feith
  • NJ Institute of Technology, BS Chemical Engineering
  • Seaton Hall, MBA
  • Design and CAD Specialist
  • Chief Architect Power User
  • Chief Architect Instructor
  • Chief Architect CAD 20 years of experience
Art's Value Proposition: Art is Continuity: Art's leadership at Pearson Traditional Design and Thane Pearson Design spans 18+ years. He is involved in all aspects of the creative, design and construction process. Art Feith is Pearson Traditional Designs' project manager. He builds rapport, and has earned the trust of both our clients and our design/build business partners. He has done so one relationship at a time.   He is the client's best friend, go-to guy and chief problem solver. He ensures that all stages of the design-build experience transitions seamlessly. He protects the clients' desires and ensures their dreams are realized.  Art's presence effuses the character of one who has the professional expertise that is earned through years of experience. He has earned respect throughout our community. He is the center pole and the granite ledge on which Pearson Traditional Design exists. The Project Manager: A very gifted  project manager, Art safeguards a client's dreams. He shepherds not only their projects, but also protects their experience. He safeguards their investment and makes their experience of designing a custom home fun and exciting. The design becomes the client's home, but the project becomes Art's commitment to the client and the community in which it is built. He ensures the client gets better than he/she thought possible. A Sound Investment: In choosing a Project Manager for a custom home design on the Maine and New Hampshire coastline, Art is a proven entity, with well documented provenance.  Art's experience and expertise applied, is an excellent investment. Art's reputation in the community is that he gets business done right. His word is his bond. The Force Multiplier:  On any design team, Art is a Force-Multiplier. He makes everyone around him better. He collaborates and synergizes with all the other design-build teammates, and ensures the process achieves perfect solutions for our clients. The Glue: On any design team Art is the glue at the middle. He exists between a clients' desires,  the architectural design, the engineering requirements and  the builder's schedule. From integrity, a decided calm and steadfastness, Art harnesses and integrates these often disparate expertise's, and forms a team that designs, creates and builds a client's dream home. Art is synergy. The Master of The Ah-Ha Moment: In the creative side of the design process, Art reliably produces the ah-ha moment and the refinements that create that special kind of polish that stand out. Art has had the traditional Maine and New Hampshire architectural style ground into his design practice and being, project-by-project over 18+ years.  Art is Mastery. Making The Impossible.... Possible: Art makes the impossible possible: Clients arrive at Art's desk with what seems to them to be an impossible set of crazy, unworkable ideas, that can't possibly work together. Art transforms and refines these ideas until they are the cherished appointments of a custom home, renovation, or addition creating the very spaces that people most want to spend time in. Art is Details: Art takes creative ideas and makes them practical, build-able and aesthetically pleasing. Art always says "It's just a math problem". Art is Integrity: Art does everything from the simple proposition that it is the right thing to do. Client's come to count on that. The Listener: Art is active listening. Arts' years of experience and insight result in asking the right questions, to achieve the best outcomes. He respects the clients' desires and forms ideas and what-ifs that coalesce into a design. His ideas not only achieve a clients' desires, but also a projects full potential. His respect for client wishes, listening skills, extensive professional experience and relationships, allows him to liaison and be the trusted-agent between client desires and a builder's process. He works tirelessly to resolve disconnects in the client's favor.